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Our business prides itself on helping you install your dream kitchen. The right way.

Wether you need help with installing an IKEA line, or looking to install something completely custom, we are here for you.


Cabinet Options

Built to order


As the name implies these are built to order and can be made in virtually any size and of any material.
  • Pros: Endless options and cabinets are built exclusively to your specification. Designer labels also available at this level, e.g. Porsche.
  • Cons: Longer lead time much higher price.
  • Selection: In person style selection at private showroom.
  • Cost: $$$$
Affordable customizability

Semi Custom

These cabinets are also typically built to order but from a much smaller, pre-defined set of criteria. Some parts are mass produced to cut cost
  • Pros: Can still choose solid wood at this level and customize some features.
  • Cons: Several week lead time and no custom sizing, mid-high price point.
  • Selection: In person style selection at private showroom.
  • Cost: $$$
Local Craftsmanship
Local Southern California company that makes doors specifically for IKEA cabinets. Great blend of stock cabinets and customs.
  • Pros: Amazing style and selection, made locally. Exceptional quality and service.
  • Cons: Slightly longer lead time and not as cost effective as the Big Box stores.
  • Selection: We have samples available or you can visit their showroom.
  • Cost: $$
Name brand quality

Ready to Assemble (RTA or Stock)

These cabinets are built in bulk to certain industry Standards and shipped to big box stores such as IKEA, Home Depot or Lowes.
  • Pros: Little or no lead time, modular systems are still very flexible. Very competitive price.
  • Cons: Limited to what is in stock. Some lines do not carry a lengthy warranty.
  • Selection: Customer visits the store to see available options.
  • Cost: $

How can we help install your dream kitchen?

Exploring options


Professional planning service that ranges in price depending on the scope of your project.

Ideal for customers who are just starting and want to know what’s possible in their space.

ready to install


Installation only service of an existing plan and/or cabinet order.

This is for customers who already have hired a designer or General Contractor and need their cabinets installed.

Popular among IKEA, Home Depot and Lowes Customers.

Help when you need it

Planning and Installation

We will take you through the pocess from design to installation but you are still the project manager and are responsible for hiring a General Contractor and other sub contractors as necessary.

You can add on the “purchase and delivery coordination” at this level as an add on.

We do it all

Complete Project Management

One. Stop. Shop

We will manage the project on your behalf. There are still decisions and input needed by you at this level but we will select the necessary contractors to execute the scope of work. You will also still be required to pay each vendor separately as needed.

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We believe that even as a small business it is our responsibility to make a positive impact in the community.

Each year we identify a Charitable organization in South Bay to partner with and are happy to announce this year we have selected the Food for Kids program administered through The Volunteer Center of South Bay in Torrance.
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